Our Legal Services in Arizona

Looking for professional legal services in Arizona? Let The Law Office of Michael S. DeFine offer you its trusted assistance.

Our law office focuses in the following practice areas:

Civil matters

From general civil litigation to contract review and everything in between, we will handle your legal needs. Our firm has extensive experience in representing individuals as well as small businesses in civil cases, including researching and drafting contracts.

Criminal issues

Whether you are faced with misdemeanor or a felony charges, count on our years of experience to guide you through these challenges. We have successfully defended clients accused by the government of committing very serious crimes through our unparalleled pre-trial investigations and analysis, trial preparation and courtroom presentation. Our firm focuses not only on tackling your criminal charges, but also in cleaning up your record in the event there is a conviction or agreed-upon plea agreement entered. This process is called "setting aside" your judgment, and if you qualify, will clear up your conviction on your record. Contact our office to find out more about this exciting and life-changing opportunity! See the "Set-Aside Judgments" section below for more details.

The Law Office of Michael S. DeFine

Personal injury

Our firm has represented hundreds of individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own. Whether a case is worth thousands or millions, we will be there for you at all stages to answer any questions you may have. We will make sure that you will be compensated fairly for your injuries.

Estate planning

Whether it is power of attorney documents, Trusts, Wills, Beneficiary Deeds or health care directives, our firm offers comprehensive services based on your individual needs. We provide free estate planning services to those afflicted with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and veterans of the United States armed services.

The Law Office of Michael S. DeFine

Set-Aside Judgments

Our firm focuses on set aside judgements, helping you clean up your conviction record. Setting aside your conviction may help with future employment, credit, housing, and above all help you have peace of mind. We have successfully set aside both felony and misdemeanor convictions and helped clients reinstate their rights. Services are starting as low as $50. Contact our office for details.

The Law Office of Michael S. DeFine

If you find yourself facing any legal challenges or you need to clean up your record, feel free to call for a free consultation.